750 AMPED is a national campaign that is an interventional response to the COVID 19, mitigating a spread of the virus.

The number 750 in the title of the intervention has the following significance:

7 – Fighting the coronavirus 7 days of the week

5 – 5 basic protective measures to fight the coronavirus

0 – The journey towards 0 infections


The national campaign specifically targets the socially vulnerable South African communities through providing education and awareness around COVID-19.

Even more the campaign will provide an integrated research approach to add value and effectiveness of the proposed intervention.

The Journey Towards 0 infections

1. Wash your hands regularly;
2. Sneeze into a flexed elbow or a tissue, then throw the tissue into the bin;
3. Clean and disinfect surfaces frequently;
4. Wear a facemask and avoid touching your face;
5. Practice social distancing by maintaining at least a 1.5 meter distance between yourself and others.


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